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Why We Are Here

Purchasing my first pair of earrings sparked a love for statement pieces I never thought I would have! Not only is Miranda incredible at what she does, but here at With Grace Co. you find joy, community, and a whole lot of love for the Lord. There’s truly nothing else like it!

Brenna Veldman

"Can't tell you how much joy your earrings have brought me-it has been my 'treat' to myself in surviiving this crazy season. (I also get stopped all the time over them!)

Marlea Louviere

Meet the Creator

Hand Crafted Creations

Due to being individually crafted, each piece might not look identical. Please allow for slight variation in pieces as they may not look exactly like the picture. Each piece is original and made by hand!

With Grace Co Gift Card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!